Are You Prepared for The Challenges Associated with Your Well?

Well Engineering Partners (WEP) delivers well consultancy services, quality project management, drilling supervision and well services to small and medium-sized operators in the geothermal energy, oil & gas and salt mining industry.

The aim of our qualified well engineering and field team is to be dedicated to deliver a complete and high quality product directly focused on the customer’s needs. The Well Engineering Partners team and process will guide and support you during the complete project.

Why Partner Together With Us?

Well Engineering Partners works closely with operators. In doing so, wells are protected against drilling and intervention risks, improving the lifecycle of the wells. At the same time the value of the asset is maximized, giving everyone a sense of peace of mind.

Dozens of companies have transformed their ideas for a new well system or malfunctioning well into the realisation of a quality well that works using Well Engineering Partners as a trusted partner and advisor.

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