Geothermal: Trias Westland second geothermal doublet

Engineering and drilling new geothermal doublet NLW-GT-03-S1 and NLW-GT-04 Start engineering: October 2018 End drilling: August 2020 Objective: Realise second geothermal doublet for Trias Westland. Depth (MD): 2600m; 3015m Depth (TVD): 2494m; 2401m Project Summary Client:Trias Westland B.V. Doublet/Triplet:Naaldwijk Wells:NLW-GT-03-S1 and NLW-GT-04 Start Engineering:October 2018 End Execution:August 2020 Project Objective:Realise second geothermal doublet for Trias […]

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