3rd DAP Geothermal Symposium TU Delft

February 2013, Delft, The Netherlands

On Monday, February 11th, 2013, the third DAP Geothermal Symposium will be held. The Delft Geothermal Research Project (DAP) is an initiative from students and employees from the Department of Geoscience & Engineering and strives towards heating of the entire Campus of the TU Delft with a geothermal Doublet (set of two wells). The DAP foundation is active in helping regional greenhouse owners with the development of their geothermal initiatives and with great success!

DAP has been recently involved with the realisation of the geothermal wells for the heating of the greenhouses of Ammerlaan and Duijvestijn. The goal of the DAP foundation is the development of scientific research, distribution of knowledge, technical development and the economically sustainable application of geothermal energy. After the first successful DAP Geothermal Symposium in 2008, the second symposium took place in 2010 and had the theme ‘Groeien met Geothermie’, which means growing with Geothermal Energy’. This year in 2013 the third Geothermal Symposium will be held. The theme of the symposium will be ‘Hot Topics: Discussing the current subjects in the development of geothermal energy’.

At the symposium, a summary will be given of the developments within the fields of science, technology, and policy. An Emphasis will be made on the current problems in the development of geothermal energy in the Netherlands.