Charity sponsoring: WEP helps a family with a disabled child

November 2019, Hoogeveen, The Netherlands

Can you imagine how it would be if you have a disabled child? That you and your family are limited in all the activities you want to make? A day to the Zoo, visiting friends and family, or even a simple ride to the grocery store. Everything is a big challenge for a family with a disabled child.

The staff of WEP met a wonderful family via their network. This family has two lovely sons. The youngest son, Tim, is 4 years old and disabled since his birth. He was born with a rare brain disorder. Tim fully depends on his parents, because he will always be in the state of development of a 2-month old child. He is not able to sit, talk or walk, and is dependent on his wheelchair. It is heartbreaking when you see this little man suffering.

WEP is not able to physically help this family, we are not nurses or doctors. But we heard that this family was collecting money for a customised van in which Tim can be driven around sitting in his wheelchair. Within WEP we see Corporate Social Responsibility as a main value and therefore we were pleased to financial support this family charity fund.

WEP really hopes that this van will make dreams coming true and helping Tim and his family to participate in society in a comfortable way!

Dear Tim,

We wishing you and your family wonderful moments in the future. Dare to dream, even if you think it is impossible!


All staff of WEP