Previous Events

We were attended to these previous events:

5 April 2019, Andijk (The Netherlands)

Grand opening of the Geothermal plant of ECW Andijk (invite only)


27 March 2019, Naaldwijk (The Netherlands)

Trias Westland Congres

The Trias Westland Congres of initiators Royal FloraHolland, HVC and Capturum

Visit the Trias Westland Congres website


25 March 2019, Zoetermeer (The Netherlands)

Bijeenkomst Kennisagenda Aardwarmte [Dutch]

Visit the Kennisagenda Aardwarmte website


12 March 2019, Delft (The Netherlands)

DAP Symposium 2019

The main subject at the DAP Symposium 2019 is Urban Heating: Risks & Rewards – Integrating cities with geothermal energy. Volkert de Ruiter (Project Manager at WEP) will give a (technical) presentation about urban drilling. Dirk Brinkgreve and Bert Jan Koers (Sr Engineers at WEP) will host (together with PanTerra Geoscientists, VB Geo Projects and RoyalHaskoning DHV) an interactive introduction workshop ‘Geothermal energy, from start to end’

Read more about WEP’s presentation and workshop

Visit the DAP Symposium 2019 website


5-7 March 2019, The Hague (The Netherlands)

SPE/IADC International Drilling Conference and Exhibition

Read more about the SPE/IADC International Drilling Conference and Exhibition


14-15 February 2019, Offenburg (Germany)

GeoTHERM – Expo & Congress

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23 January 2019, Utrecht (The Netherlands)

Werkconferentie: Aardwarmte in de gebouwde omgeving Deel 2

Visit the Werkconferentie Aardwarmte website


9 January 2018, Brussels (Belgium)


Visit the ETIP-DG website

6 December 2018, Utrecht (The Netherlands)

Themabijeenkomst BodemenergieNL [Dutch]

Visit the Themabijeenkomst BodemenergieNL website

29 November 2018, Delft (The Netherlands)

3rd Geothermal Get-Together at TU Delft November 29th

Visit the 3rd Geothermal Get-Together website

27 November 2018, Zwolle (The Netherlands)

Seminar Warmtenetten Natuurlijk Groen [Dutch]

A seminar about sustainable heat networks.

Visit the Seminar Warmtenetten website

21-22 November 2018, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Global Geothermal Energy Summit 2018

WEP gave a presentation about Geothermal Drilling Campaigns the Key to Reduce Cost and Risk

Visit the Global Geothermal Energy Summit 2018 website

15 November 2018, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

Platformbijeenkomst: ‘Innovatie in de geothermie. Welke kant moet en gaat het op?’ [Dutch]

14 November 2018, Mol (Belgium)

VITO Symposium: Deep Geothermal Energy

Visit the VITO Symposium: Deep geothermal energy website

8 November 2018, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

System Integration: Gas meets Geothermal

Read more in the News item

23 – 26 September 2018, Belfast (Northern Ireland)

Fall 2018 SMRI Conference

Read more in the News item


20 September 2018, Vlaardingen (The Netherlands)

1st National Geothermal Seminar (1e Nationale Geothermie Seminar) [In Dutch]

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19 September 2018, Enschede (The Netherlands)

Symposium Energy from the Earth (Energie uit de Bodem) [In Dutch]

Read more in the News item


11-12 September 2018, Celle (Germany)

Celle Drilling 2018 – The Way Ahead – International Conference and Exhibition for Advanced Drilling Technology

WEP will give a presentation about the Enhanced Casing Installation system…

Read more in the News item


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