Geothermal: Ammerlaan Geothermie doublet delivery

Geothermal doublet PNA-GT-05-S1 & PNA-GT-06

Start engineering: October 2017
End drilling wells: December 7th 2018
Start drilling sidetrack: June 30th 2019
End drilling sidetrack: July 22nd 2019

Target: Water reservoir in the Delft Sandstone

Depth (AH):3211m; 3349m
Depth (TVD): 2376m; 2310m

Project Summary

Client:Ammerlaan Geothermie B.V.
Wells:PNA-GT-05-S1 & PNA-GT-06
Start Engineering:October 2017
End drilling wells:December 7th, 2018
Start drilling sidetrack:June 30th, 2019
End drilling sidetrack:July 22nd, 2019
Target:Water reservoir in the Delft Sandstone
Result: Succesfully drilled the doublet
Power (thermal):approx. 7 MWTh
Depths (AH):PNA-GT-05-S1: 3211m; PNA-GT-06: 3349m
Depths (TVD):PNA-GT-05-S1: 2376m; PNA-GT-06: 2310m
Role of WEP:Well Engineering, Procurement, Drilling Supervision and Support during execution.
Challenges:High angle wells (60 deg inclination), Small location, Long middle section (1800m)

Project Description

Ammerlaan Geothermie B.V. has drilled two wells forming a geothermal doublet for district and greenhouse heating. Both wells have long tangent sections @ 60 degrees. Both wells are drilled successfully to TD . Installation of liner over reservoir was difficult. Both wells required a cased hole sidetrack to successfully install the liner over the reservoir.