Geothermal: CLG well intervention

Geothermal well CAL-GT-04 intervention

Start engineering: March 12th, 2018
Expected end execution: June 1st, 2018

Target: Succesfully well intervention

Depth (AH):ESP installation @ 472m, Inhibitorline @ 2740m

Project Summary

Client:Californie, Liepzig, Gielen (CLG) Geothermie
Start Engineering:March 12th, 2018
End Execution:June 1st, 2018
Target:Pulling the ESP on 7” production tubing, replacing / modifying the ESP bullnose and upper Xover blades to minimize future casing wear. Install Corrosion Inhibition line at reservoir depth and recomplete the well with the ESP on 7” production at a shallower depth.
Result:Successfully well intervention
Depths (AH):ESP installation @ 472m, Inhibitorline @ 2740m (just above Tegelen Fault)
Depths (TVD):n/a
Role of WEP:Engineering, HSE management, Project coordination and Site Supervision

Project Description

CAL-GT-04 has been producing for 1,5 year. Due to the corrosive nature of the production fluid and to minimize the future corrosion process in the wellbore, it was required to install a ⅜” Inhibition line (capillary Coil) and suspend it at the reservoir depth to maximize inhibition coverage.

For this operation, it was required to pull out the ESP to create access for installing the ⅜” Inhibition line. Pulling out the ESP on 7” production tubing was performed as crane-based (120t crane) operation including a Rigless Intervention platform from Odfjell for the TRS services.

Before re-installing the ESP, the opportunity was taken to check the condition of the ESP, replacing the oil in the Seal section, and to upgrade the bullnose and upper X-over blades to minimize future wear on the casing contact areas.

The ESP has also been re-installed at a shallower depth to minimize required pumping energy.

Duration of the intervention 5 days.