Geothermal: Duyvestijn Pijnacker doublet delivery

Geothermal doublet PNA‐GT‐03 & PNA‐GT‐04

Start execution: August 12th 2010
End execution: January 22nd 2011

Result: Water flowrates of 130 m3/hr at 68 degrees Celsius

Depth (AH): 3005m; 2957m
Depth (TVD): Both approx. 2300m

Project Summary

Client:Gebr. Duyvestijn BV Tomato nursery
Wells:PNA‐GT‐03 & PNA‐GT‐04
Start Execution:August 12th 2010
End Execution:January 22nd 2011
Target:Geothermal doublet with deviated wells of 2300m TVD
Result:Water flowrates of 130 m3/hr at 68 degrees Celsius
Power (thermal):8 MWTh
Depths (AH):PNA‐GT‐03: 3005m; PNA‐GT‐04: 2957m
Depths (TVD):PNA‐GT‐03: Approx. 2300m; PNA‐GT‐04: Approx. 2300m
Role of WEP:WEP/PGMi was resposible for the geology report, material&services procurement, detailed design, drilling programs, contracting support and drilling management&supervision.

Project Description

In Pijnacker, the Netherlands, several agricultural companies signed for a collaboration of the development of geothermal energy for heating their greenhouses. After the completion of the wells at Ammerlaan, the rig moved to the neighbor “Tomato nursery Gebr. Duijvestijn”. WEP/PGMi was again responsible for the geological aspects, well design and drilling supervision for this geothermal doublet with deviated wells to a vertical depth of 2300 meters and more than 3000 meters AH.  During the test, the geothermal well produced 130 m3 / hour with a temperature of 68 degrees Celsius.