Geothermal: Floricultura Heemskerk doublet delivery

Geothermal doublet HEK‐GT‐01 & HEK‐GT‐02

Start execution: March 23rd 2013
End execution: January 2nd 2014

Result: Wells of 2600m TVD for heating 10 hectares of greenhouses

Depth (AH): 3216m; 3200m
Depth (TVD): Both approx. 2600m

Project Summary

Client:Ce-Ren Beheer / Floricultura
Wells:HEK‐GT‐01 & HEK‐GT‐02
Start Execution:March 23rd 2013
End Execution:January 2nd 2014
Target:Water flowrates at approximately 90 degrees Celsius
Result:Wells of 2600m TVD for heating 10 hectares of greenhouses
Power (thermal):10 MWTh
Depths (AH):HEK‐GT‐01: 3216m; HEK‐GT‐01: 3200m
Depths (TVD):HEK‐GT‐01: approx. 2600m; LSL-GT-02: approx. 2600m
Role of WEP:WEP provides engineering and project management services and wellsite supervision for this project.

Project Description

Well Engineering Partners (WEP) spudded at March 23rd 2013 the geothermal production well HEK-GT-01 in Heemskerk for Dutch company Floricultura BV, the market leading specialist in Orchid breeding, selection and propagation. The HEK-GT-01 is the first well of the doublet. At the January 2nd 2014 the second well HEK-GT-02 was completed and handed over for use.

Both wells HEK-GT-01 and HEK-GT-02 of the geothermal doublet are drilled from the same location. The wells were drilled in the Slochteren sandstone formation reaching depths over 2600 m vertical from the surface. The Slochteren sandstone formation is the reservoir that is deployed for providing the geothermal heat.

Drilling was performed using a 300 metric ton rig. WEP provided well engineering, support and well site supervision on the drilling and well testing.

Floricultura intends to use the geothermal capacity from the wells to heat their Heemskerk greenhouse facilities, covering about 10 hectares. Yearly over 10 million young orchid flower plants, total consisting of more than 14 species, are grown in this greenhouse complex. The young plants are sold worldwide.