Geothermal: Hoogweg Aardwarmte Luttelgeest triplet delivery

Geothermal triplet LTG-GT-01 & LTG-GT-02 & LTG-GT-03

Start engineering: June 2017
End execution: June 2018

Target: Completion of well delivery; well test (rigless) to determine potential triplet

Depth (AH):1951m; 2317m; 2264m
Depth (TVD): 1863m; 1806m; 1820m

Project Summary

Client:Hoogweg Aardwarmte
Wells:LTG-GT-01 & LTG-GT-02 & LTG-GT-03
Start Engineering:June 2017
End Execution:June 2018
Target:Completion of well delivery; well test (rigless) to determine potential triplet
Result:All wells successfully drilled and completed
Power (thermal):approx. 18 MWTh
Depths (AH):LTG-GT-01: 1951m; LTG-GT-02: 2317m; LTG-GT-03: 2264m
Depths (TVD):LTG-GT-01: 1863m; LTG-GT-02: 1806m; LTG-GT-03: 1820m
Role of WEP:For this project, Well Engineering Partners is responsible for the well designs, project planning, tendering and coordination of the contracting of the materials and services suppliers. During the execution phase WEP provides the coordination, management and supervision for the project while other companies will provide materials and services.
Challenges:Small tolerances (hole sizes vs. steel sizes), due to maximized casing sizes to anticipate on high flow rates expectations

Project Description

In May ‘18 the 3rd well was successfully drilled and completed. On May 22nd the VarioRig VDD370.2 was fully demobilized. The last phase of the wells delivery phase commenced on June 4th ’18. Whereas the first well was tested with the VarioRig VDD370.2 placed over the well, wells LTG-GT-02 & 03 will be tested without the rig in place. Upon completion of the well tests the three wells will be logged (baseline integrity survey). Next phase is to hook up the wells to the surface facilities to start producing geothermal energy/heat.