Geothermal: KKP-GT-03 engineering new producer well

Geothermal producer well KKP-GT-03 (additional to existing doublet KKP-GT-01 & KKP-GT-02)

Start engineering: January 4th 2019
(Expected) End Engineering: May 1st 2019

Target: Engineering 2nd producer well, upgrade to triplet

Depth (TVD): Max. 2000m

Project Summary

Client:Provincie Overijssel / Aardwarmtecluster I KKP B.V.
Doublet/Triplet:IJsselmuiden / Koekoekspolder
Wells:KKP-GT-03 (additional to existing wells KKP-GT-01 & KKP-GT-02)
Start Engineering:January 4th 2019
End Engineering:May 1st 2019 (expected)
Target:Slochteren, a 2nd producer well. The existing doublet is delivered in 2011 by WEP, will be upgraded to a triplet.
Depths (AH):not defined yet
Depths (TVD):Max. 2000m
Role of WEP:For this project, Well Engineering Partners is responsible for the full project engineering.

Project Description

The client requested WEP to design an additional producer well, to upgrade the existing doublet (KKP-GT-01 & KKP-GT-02 delivered by WEP in 2011) into a triplet. The current scope encompasses the delivery of a comprehensive well design and the subsequent tender documents. Also, frameworks for the drilling program and HSE documents will be delivered by WEP.