Geothermal: Koekoekspolder Ijsselmuiden doublet delivery

Geothermal doublet KKP‐GT‐01 & KKP‐GT‐02

Start execution: April 29th 2011
End execution: July 22nd 2011

Result: Water flowrates of approx. 73 degrees Celsius

Depth (AH): 2258m; 2202m
Depth (TVD): 1975m; 1823m

Project Summary

Client:Greenhouse Geopower
Doublet:Koekoekspolder, Ijsselmuiden
Wells:KKP‐GT‐01 & KKP‐GT‐02
Start Execution:April 29th 2011
End Execution:July 22nd 2011
Target:Geothermal capacity for heating of 100 ha. greenhouses
Result:Water flowrates of approx. 73 degrees Celsius
Power (thermal):7,4 MWTh
Depths (AH):KKP‐GT‐01: 2258m; KKP‐GT‐02: 2202m
Depths (TVD):KKP‐GT‐01: 1975m; KKP‐GT‐02: 1823m
Role of WEP:WEP was responsible for the drilling programs, material&service procurement, detailed design and drilling management & supervision during the execution of the project.

Project Description

Greenhouse Geopower used Well Engineering Partners’ geothermal well design and project management services for its geothermal doublet in the greenhouse area Koekoekspolder in IJselmuiden, the Netherlands. Koekoekspolder is a greenhouse area containing modern greenhouses which are focused on environmentally friendly production of vegetables, e.g. tomatoes, cucumbers and paprika’s. The total area of the greenhouses together is approximately 100 ha. The two deviated wells, with a vertical depth of 1975m and 1823m, are used for generating safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly energy for heating these greenhouses. The joint venture of IF technology and well engineering partners (IF-WEP) provided the independent drilling management for Greenhouse Geopower. This joint venture was also responsible for the QHSE on the drilling site and verifying the work of the drilling contractor. The drilling went successful, and good temperatures of max 73°C were recorded during the welltest.