Geothermal: Trias Westland Delivery of Doublet NLW-GT-01 & NLW-GT-02

The delivery of the geothermal doublet for Trias Westland

Start engineering: 2017 Q4
(Expected) End Engineering: 2018 Q2

Target: Delivery of a geothermal well, special attention to drilling to the Trias

Depth (AH): 4560m; 2680m
Depth (TVD): 4063m; 2525m

Project Summary

Client:Trias Westland B.V.
Doublet/Triplet:Naaldwijk, The Netherlands
Wells:NLW-GT-01 & NLW-GT-02
Start Engineering:2017 Q4
End Engineering:2018 Q2
Target:The target is the Trias. Delivery of a geothermal doublet
Result:The geothermal doublet was successfully delivered.
Power (thermal):25 MWTh
Depths (AH):4560m; 2680m
Depths (TVD):4063m; 2525m
Role of WEP:The following services are delivered by WEP:
  • Check on Detailed Well Design
  • Tendering and coordination of the contracting of the materials (incl. drilling rig) and services suppliers
  • Drilling Program
  • HSE Documents
  • Drilling Management
  • Drilling Supervision (NDSV)
  • Cost Control
  • End of Well Report
  • Well Testing (together with VeeGEO)
Challenges:Drilling to the Trias (over 4000m depth).