Geothermal: WEP is proud partner in the DRAGLOW Project

WEP is proud partner in the Draglow Project to Contribute to the Sustainable Heat Supply Sector

Start: April 1st, 2021
End (expected): Q1 2024

Objective: Drag reduction in geothermal & district heating systems to lower investment and operational costs

Depth (MD): n/a
Depth (TVD): n/a

Project Summary

Wells:geothermal systems
Start Engineering:April 1st, 2021
End Execution:Q1 2024
Project Objective:Drag reduction in geothermal & district heating systems to lower investment and operational costs
Depths (MD):n/a
Depths (TVD):n/a
Role of WEP:WEP will be involved in all well related parts of the project such as system requirements, well design implications and DRA implementation.
New Technology:R&D geothermal project

Project Description

Drag Reduction in Geothermal & District Heating Systems to Lower Investment and Operational Costs


  1. Assess the techno-economic viability of Drag Reduction Agents (DRA’s) for geothermal multisource district heating networks;
  2. Investigates the technical and economic contribution of DRA’s to district heating networks and geothermal wells; and
  3. Develop of technical knowledge and system design tools which should lead to practical usable solutions and instruments for cost-effective geothermal multi-source district heating systems in the built environment.

In DRAGLOW, a sector-wide system development approach is applied that will be built based on the high-level expertise of the consortium partners from both the public and the industrial sector. It includes local governments, geothermal heat producers, heat distributors, material suppliers, service providers, well designer, university, and research institutes. The consortium partners are proud to contribute to energize sustainable heat supply projects, social acceptance and share the knowledge of this project with interested parties.


The DRAGLOW consortium consists of Well Engineering Partners, ECW Energy, Enertrans BV, Municipally of Amsterdam, Municipally of Rotterdam, Nijkamp Aanneming BV, Nouryon NV, Roemex Ltd, TU-Delft, TNO, and Wayland BV. The project will run for 3 years and is being carried out with subsidy from the Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate, and the Ministry of the Interior & Kingdom Relations

Source and when you want to stay up to date about the progress: Official DRAGLOW website