Geothermal: Hoogweg and WEP are continuously intensifying working relationships

We have come to an agreement for well engineering support for the Hoogweg Phase 2 Geothermal Project.

WEP will support Hoogweg with engineering support for at least three new wells (potential for five). The expectation is to develop a heat capacity of 40 MWth, in addition to the existing 20 MWth (Phase 1, 2018). WEP and Hoogweg have a shared ambition to realise the project in a life-cycle-focused and cost-efficient manner. The engineering preparations have started. We are proud that Hoogweg and WEP continuously intensify working relationships to improve efficiencies with the next generation geothermal well solutions.

Previous project delivery: Triplet Hoogweg

Contact WEP for any queries regarding geothermal well engineering projects at [email protected] or Dirk Brinkgreve.

Source pictures: Official Hoogweg – Geothermie website