New Technology: Injection Pressure Control Valve (IPCV)

Engineering and manufacturing an Injection Pressure Control Valve (IPCV)

Start execution: 2012
End execution: 2012

Result: Successfully engineering and manufacturing the IPCV

Role of WEP: WEP was the initiator and did all engineering and manufacturing

Project Summary

Client:WEP internal project
Description:New technology, Injection Pressure Control Valve
Wells:Geothermal doublet
Start Execution:2012
End Execution:2012
Target:Engineering and manufacturing the IPCV
Result:THE IPCV was succesfully engineered and manufactured
Depths (TVD):Approx. 2000m
Role of WEP:WEP was the initiator and did all engineering and munufacturing
Challenges:New technology

Project Description

WEP is involved in one of the most extensive geothermal heat projects in the Netherlands. This project will provide heating for 4000 houses and apartments. The geothermal doublet has a vertical depth of over 2000 meters. Under static conditions, the water level in the geothermal well will drop due to the difference in fluid density between injection and production well. Without controlling the water level, degassing of the water may occur. Vacuum-situations may also occur which can result in water-hammer and oxygen entering and reacting with the water. This can cause corrosion and / or blockage. The purpose of the IPCV is to maintain a constant water level and a constant pressure. This valve is wireline retrievable and has a failsafe-to-close functionality. Besides the valve, the IPCV system also exists of a special landing nipple, control line, and control-unit.