Oil&Gas: Abandonment well and drilling sidetrack in Middle East

Abandonment current well and Sidetrack drilling

Start engineering:Q1 2020
(Expected) End date: Q2 2021

Objective: Collect data and bring well into production

Depth (MD): 5000 mMD
Depth (TVD): 4800 mTVD

Project Summary

Client:Operator in the Middle East
Location:Middle East
Wells:Existing well
Start Engineering:Q1 2020
(Expected) End:Q2 2021
Project Objective:Collect data and bring well into production
Depths (MD):5000 mMD
Depths (TVD):4800 mTVD
Role of WEP:Design the abandonment of the current well, Sidetrack-1 drilling and abandonment program and ST2 drilling program and completion. As well to plan and supervise all field operations. Also support is being provided for the procurement of services and materials and HSE documentation.
ChallengesGeneral: Logistics of remote location and impact Covid-19. Operations: Losses during the drilling.

Project Description

  • Current well:
    • Remove upper completion
    • Spot cement abandonment plugs
  • Sidetrack 1:
    • Drill 8 ½” section
    • Install and cement 7” liner
    • Drill 6” section
    • Perform wireline logs
    • Abandonment of leg
  • Sidetrack 2:
    • Drill 6” section
    • Perform wireline logs
    • Install lower and upper completion