Oil&Gas: NPN Tiendeveen-1 drilling

Gas exploration well Tiendeveen-1 drilling

Start execution: August 5th 2009
End execution: January 5th 2010

Result: Tiendeveen-1 was successfully drilled

Depth (AH): 3683m
Depth (TVD): 3357m

Project Summary

Client: Northern Petroleum Nederland B.V.
Location: Tiendeveen
Wells: Tiendeveen-1
Start Execution: August 5th 2009
End Execution: January 5th 2010
Target: The realization of a new gas exploration well.
Result: Tiendeveen-1 was succesfully drilled.
Depths (AH): 3683m
Depths (TVD): 3357m
Role of WEP: Well Engineering Partners provided Material & Service procurement, Detailed design, Drilling programs, Contracting support and Drilling management.
Challenges: n/a

Project Description

After finishing the activities at the Nieuwendijk-01 oil exploration well, NPN approached WEP/PGMi for similar services for the realization of a new gas exploration well located at the Tiendeveen site in the province Drenthe in the east of The Netherlands. Tiendeveen is sited in the east of The Netherlands, 3.8 kilometers northwest of Northern’s Geesbrug gas field development. For the drilling activities a newly fabricated rig, the Huisman LOC400, owned and operated by the Northern Dutch Drilling Company (NDDC) is used. WEP/PGMi was responsible for the well design drilling management and drilling supervision for this deviated gas exploration well to 3683 meters AH.