Ponooc entered into a long-term partnership with WEP

June 2015, Hoogeveen, The Netherlands

We are proud and have the pleasure to announce that Ponooc BV entered into a long-term partnership with Well Engineering Partners BV (WEP) by acquiring a substantial share in the company.

Ponooc is a private equity fund which has a strong interest in investing in innovative companies primarily in the energy sector which contributes to a more sustainable world. In our shared vision, we want to develop and flourish our current business and introduce lightweight and corrosion resistant composite casing in various applications. WEP together with Ponooc has the ambition to play a leading role in the enhancement and usage of geothermal energy.

WEP will continue its activities and has created a stronger strategic and financial position to apply its expertise, experience, and creativity to serve our clients, to carry out drilling projects and to develop new, cost-effective and sustainable drilling technology.

ir. A.C.G. Nagelhout


Drs. P. S. H. Zandstra RC

Ponooc BV – CEO

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