Salt: ESCO – Frisia well BAS-3 drilling

Drilling a salt solution well BAS-3

Start execution: March 6th 2003
End execution: September 20th 2003

Result: The delivery of the extremely deviated salt solution well BAS-3

Depth (AH): 4000m
Depth (TVD): 2500m

Project Summary

Client: ESCO - Frisia Zout B.V.
Location: Harlingen
Wells: BAS-3
Start Execution: March 6th 2003
End Execution: September 20th 2003
Target: Drilling en extremely deviated salt solution well.
Result: Salt solution well BAS-3 drilled
Depths (AH): 4000m
Depths (TVD): 2500m
Role of WEP: Well Engineering Partners provided Integrated project management, Drilling programs, Rig tendering, Material & Service procurement, Drilling management and Starting up of well
Challenges: Extreme deviation

Project Description

Frisia Zout B.V. situated in Harlingen Netherland produces and sells approximately 1 million tons salt per year. Well Engineering Partners has been Frisia’s primary support for well project management services in the last 10 years. For this project, WEP supplied the engineering of Frisia’s BAS-3 well which is an extremely deviated salt solution well. The well with a vertical depth of 2500 meters and  4000 meters AH, has been engineered by WEP. Furthermore, WEP supplied a total package from the drilling programs to the representation during operation and starting up the well.