Salt: ESCO – Frisia well BAS-4 drilling

Drilling of vertical salt solution well BAS-4

Start execution: March 2nd 2004
End execution: April 16th 2004

Result: The delivery of the salt producing well BAS-4

Depth (AH): 2500m
Depth (TVD): 2500m

Project Summary

Client: ESCO - Frisia Zout B.V.
Location: Harlingen
Wells: BAS-4
Start Execution: March 2nd 2004
End Execution: April 16th 2004
Target: Drilling a salt solution well.
Result: Salt solution well BAS-4 drilled
Depths (AH): 2500m
Depths (TVD): 2500m
Role of WEP: Well Engineering Partners provided Drilling programs, Rig tendering, Material & Service procurement, Drilling management and Testing the well
Challenges: n/a

Project Description

WEP supplied the engineering of Frisia’s BAS-4 well, which is a vertical salt solution well which is situated in Harlingen NL just as BAS-3. The well with a total depth of 2500 meters has been engineered by WEP. Furthermore WEP supplied a total package from the drilling programs to the representation during operation and starting up the well similar to the realization of the BAS-3 well.