Salt: Frisia BAS-1 Partial abandonment

Salt well BAS-1

Start Engineering: 21-08-2023
End execution:19-05-2024

Objective: Partial abandonment of well by isolating cavern

Depth (MD): 2813m
Depth (TVD): 2813m

Client: Frisia Zout BV
Location: Barradeel
Well: BAS-1
Start Engineering: 21-08-2023
End Execution: 19-05-2024
Objective: Partial abandonment of well by isolating cavern
Depths (MD): 2813m
Depths (TVD): 2813m
Role of WEP: Concept & detailed design, procurement, permitting, work program, HSE documentation and office support & field supervision of operations.
Challenges: High pressure, high temperature well. Stuck strings due to salt blockages. Placing cement plugs in an through perforations.

Project Description

Cavern pressures were too high to safely snub out the leaching strings. Therefore in preparation for the final abandonment, the cavern (pressure) had to be isolated from the well. To do so, cement plugs were placed within the 10 ¾” and additionally in the 10 ¾” x 13 ⅜” annulus. This annulus was in communication with carnallitic brine, therefore throughout the operations pressure control was essential to prevent any influx of carnallitic brine which would impact cement quality. The operations were executed with coiled tubing. With the help of an inflatable bridge plug, wireline conveyed perforation guns, CBL logging tools and good cement recipes, the plugs were successfully set and inflow tested.