Salt: Nedmag Magenesium-brine wells workover

Several Magnesium-brine producing wells workover operations

Start execution: May 13th 2008
End execution: June 17th 2008

Result: Successfull HWO operations on magnesium-brine producing wells.

Depth (AH): n/a
Depth (TVD): n/a

Project Summary

Client: Nedmag
Location: Veendam
Wells: Magnesium-brine producing wells
Start Execution: May 13th 2008
End Execution: June 17th 2008
Target: Re-complete the wells with a Dual Concentric Completion.
Result: Successfull HWO operation on the magnesium-brine producing wells.
Depths (Ah): n/a
Depths (TVD): n/a
Role of WEP: Well Engineering Partners provided Wireline activities (prior to HWO), Project planning, Coordination & Management, Material & Service procurement, Workover management and Starting up the wells.
Challenges: The operations were carried out while having a pressurized cavern

Project Description

Well Engineering Partners provided various services for magnesium brine producing wells owned by Nedmag. An HWO was needed for the wells. Some wells were still in production until the start of the successful workovers which were carried out with the purpose to re-complete the wells with a Dual Concentric Completion. Project planning and engineering, coordination, management, and supervision were carried out by WEP, whereas other companies provided the materials for workover. The operation was carried out while having pressurized caverns, thus floating mud cap technology was applied. Prior to the snubbing operations, wire-line activities were done to inspect pipe conditions and cut tubings at tactic chosen depths.