Salt: Nedmag TR-6 workover 2022

Salt well TR-6 workover

Start Engineering: January 2022
End execution: February 2022

Objective: Re-complete well

Depth (MD): 1863m
Depth (TVD): 1798m

Client: Nedmag BV
Location: WHC-2 / Tripscompagnie
Wells: TR-6
Start Engineering: January 2022
End Execution: February 2022
Objective: Re-complete well
Depths (MD): 1863m
Depths (TVD): 1798m
Role of WEP: Engineering and planning support on program and HSE documents. Operational support onsite and back-office.
Challenges: Challenges to cut the old completion string due to deformations and slow progress on drilling operations by run the new completion with controlled parameters to guarantee the verticality of the trajectory.

Project Description

The objective of the workover was to remove the existing 3½” dilution string and 5” production string from the well, perform wireline investigations on the 10¾” casing and recomplete with a new 5” x 4½” drill-in completion and a new 2⅞” dilution string.

The lower section of the old completion, was damaged, restricting efficient production from the well.

The inner completion string was retrieved with a hydraulic workover unit. A floating mud cap was required to control the well, so the dilution and production string could be safely pulled out of the hole, then new drill-in 5” x 4 ½” completion was RIH.

The drill-in completion was equipped with a sacrificial BHA; including a mud motor (PDM) and a directional MWD. The drilling took longer than expected due to difficulties with the MWD. Eventually the new production string was drilled near vertical to TD and the dilution string was successfully run in the hole.

The project was finished with zero HSE related non-conformities.

The HWU on the wellhead of TR-6