Salt: Nedmag VE2 Partial abandonment

Salt well VE-2 Partial abandonment

Start Engineering: 222
End execution:September 2023

Objective: Partial abandonment of a salt well

Depth (MD): 1543m
Depth (TVD): 1402m

Client: Nedmag B.V.
Location: WHC-1/Borgercompagnie
Well: VE-2
Start Engineering: 2022
End Execution: September 2023
Objective: Partial abandonment of a salt well.
Depths (MD): 1543m
Depths (TVD): 1402m
Role of WEP: Well engineering, planning, execution, writing designs, programs and HSE documents. During operations, SSV and WSE onsite and office support.

Project Description

The objective of this project was to place two plugs, as part of the abandonment of Nedmag’s VE-2 salt well. VE-2 was drilled in 1982 and a first plug was placed in 1998.

The operations were executed using BPC’s pipe puller. First a cement wiper plug which had been there since 1998 was drilled out. A cement plug was placed at the depth of the Vlieland Clay. The 10 ¾” casing was cut and the top 268 m were pulled out of hole, a cement plug was placed to seal off the Chalk.

All operations were completed without incidents or accidents. Currently the well is being monitored, in 2024 the environmental plug will be placed, finalizing the abandonment.

BPC Pipe Puller at Borgercompagnie