Salt: Nedmag well TR-6 workover operation 2015

Salt solution workover operation

Start execution: October 2015
End execution: October 2015

Result: Successfully completed a Hydraulic Workover Snubbing Operation

Depth (TVD): From 1700m to 1900m

Project Summary

Client: Nedmag
Location: Veendam
Wells: TR-6
Start Execution: October 2015
End Execution: October 2015
Target: Executing a Hydraulic Workover Snubbing Operation (HWO)
Result: Successfully completed the Hydraulic Workover Snubbing Operation (HWO)
Depths (TVD): From 1700m to 1900m
Role of WEP: Well Engineering Partners provided project planning, tendering engineering, coordination, management and supervision for the project while other companies provided materials and services.
Challenges: Executing the HWO under approximately 90-120bar wellhead pressure.

Project Description

Well Engineering Partners completed a Hydraulic Workover Snubbing Operation (HWO) for a salt solution well in the month of October 2015. All was done under approximately 90-120 bar wellhead pressure. All workover operations were carried out with a Hydraulic Workover Unit (HWU) of Balance Point Control.

The scope of the well intervention:

The 3 ½” dilution string was pulled out of the hole. Then the 5” x 4.1/2” production string was retrieved as deep as possible. After the string was out of the hole detailed wireline surveys (Sonar, Multi Finger Caliper, CBL and MID) were carried out. Then the well was killed with a floating mud cap and a 5” completion with drill-in BHA was run in hole and drilled from 1700 m to 1900 m. A wireline real-time tool was used for directional measurements during drilling to monitor the progress. Afterwards, a 3.1/2” dilution string was installed. At TD, the tubing was severed just above the BHA with a wireline severing tool to create the new production point.