Salt: Nedmag well TR-4 workover operation 2017

Brine producing well TR-4

Start execution: January 9th 2017
End execution: February 6th 2017

Result: The well back into production

Depth (AH): 2066m
Depth (TVD): 1932m

Project Summary

Start Execution:January 9th 2017
End Execution:February 6th 2017
Target:Fixing the completion string which was damaged in November 2017
Result:Bringing the well back into brine production.
Depths (AH):2066m
Depths (TVD):1932m
Role of WEP:WEP provided for this project the Workover programs, Material & Service procurement, Contracting support, Workover operations management, Workover operations supervision and Detailed design.

Project Description

The brine producing well TR-4 was one of the best producers for Nedmag with high magnesium concentration, but the completion string was damaged in November 2016.

The objective of this workover was to bring the well back into production. This was accomplished by retrieving the current completion strings, running and drilling-in a new 7” x 5” completion and installing a new 4 ½” dilution string.

For this project, Well Engineering Partners provided project planning, tendering engineering, coordination, management, and supervision for the project while other companies provided materials and services.

In order to re-complete the well, BPC’s Space Saver II HWU was used. Operations on the well started on January the 9th and was successfully finished on February 6th.