WEP is happy to present at the DAP Symposium and host an interactive workshop

March 2019, Hoogeveen, The Netherlands

We are happy to give a presentation and host an interactive workshop at the Delft Geothermal Energy Project (DAP) Symposium on 12 March 2019 at Delft, The Netherlands.

The DAP Symposium – Introduction
The DAP symposium will focus on the challenges and opportunities for supplying urban areas with geothermal energy. Currently, in The Netherlands, there 16 geothermal projects that are producing heat for greenhouses located in (near) rural areas. With the allocation of a significant subsidy towards Technical University of Delft in 2017, and the recent greenlight from the university board, the TU campus will be a pioneering project.

As today’s technology is improving, more opportunities arise to move the geothermal wells closer to the urban areas, where a high demand for heat is everlasting, and significant opportunities await. This year’s symposium aims to create awareness of the difficulties and the potential benefits of supplying urban areas with geothermal heat. The event intends to look into both technological and policy-based barriers and seeks to promote new techniques that enable urban geothermal energy and allow geothermal energy to compete within today’s energy market.

The Presentation – Geothermal drilling in an urban environment (Time slot: 13:30 – 13:50)
Based on the topic of ‘Urban Heating: Risks & Rewards Integrating cities with geothermal energy’, WEP will give a presentation about ‘Geothermal drilling in an urban environment’. The main topics of the presentation are location, logistics, well design, light- and noise-emission. All items have to be aligned to result in a successful drilling project in an urban area.

The Workshop – Geothermal energy, from start to end. (Time slot: TBD)
Together with PanTerra Geoscientists, VB Geo Projects, RoyalHaskoning DHV host an interactive introduction workshop: ‘Geothermal energy, from start to end’. The participants are guided through this session by four industry experts, to learn in a nutshell everything about the sector. There are only limited seats available (15), so please mail to DAP2019.delft@gmail.com if you are eager for a seat. It is on a first come, first served basis.

Get in touch
Would you like to get in contact with our delegate that will present at the DAP symposium and learn more about this approach of urban drilling, please contact Volkert de Ruiter at volkert.deruiter@we-p.nl. For the workshop, you can contact Dirk Brinkgreve at dirk.brinkgreve@we-p.nl. Bertjan Koers (bertjan.koers@we-p.nl) is also present at the event.