Geothermal: WEP supports Geocombinatie Leeuwarden in geothermal project

Geocombinatie Leeuwarden (GCL) is a consortium of Shell Geothermie, Ennatuurlijk, Energie Beheer Nederland (EBN), and Bouwgroep Dijkstra Draisma and will soon start drilling a well in Leeuwarden to test a potential geothermal heat source at a depth of about 2.7 kilometers

If this trial is successful, Ennatuurlijk will develop a heat network in Leeuwarden city, and GCL will drill a second well. The plan is to pump the hot water with one well, exchange the heat with the water circulating through the heat network, and pump the cooled water back down into the same reservoir. That means that the heat is not only renewable, but also reliable, because geothermal energy is not dependent on weather conditions. Once fully constructed the project will supply heat equal to the demand of 6,000 to 8,000 dwellings.

Ivar Nijenhuis is director of GCL: “Geocombinatie Leeuwarden and Ennatuurlijk are simultaneously developing a geothermal source and a new heating network in the built environment. I am very proud that the shareholders of Geocombinatie Leeuwarden have now decided to realize this project.”

Peter Hoving of WEP is the Drilling Manager responsible for drilling the first geothermal well for GCL. He has over 30 years of experience in drilling wells, mainly in the Netherlands. He is very proud to be part of this first Geothermal project for Leeuwarden.

One big bore well will be drilled from the Zwette V industrial area targeting the Slochteren Sandstone. Three hole sections will be drilled and cased, ending with a 12¼” hole section. WEP is responsible for organizing all the contractors involved in this drilling operation, writing the drilling program, and will be responsible for drilling the well. WEP’s Drilling Supervisors will be on location to supervise and steer the drilling team. This first well will be injection tested to assess the target reservoir.

Contact WEP for any queries regarding geothermal well engineering projects at or Peter Hoving.

Source: Official Shell website – Aardwarmteproject Warmte Leeuwarden | Pictures by GCL and Ennatuurlijk