WEP’s Well Engineering Training Course is in progress in Oman

June 2015, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

A mid-sized operator in Oman is placing trust in WEP’s Well Engineering Training Course (WETC) as a tool to enhance practical knowledge in their pool of junior Drilling Engineers. Since February this year, a group of twelve engineers is following the one-year WETC 1 program.

WEP developed this in-house training for their own Drilling Engineers and Well Engineers and are keen to let their Clients profit from it as well. The training is set up as a distance learning course with a duration of one to two years and is done besides the normal work activities. Stage One of the course focuses on becoming a competent Drilling Engineer, Stage Two builds the theoretical knowledge towards the position of Senior Well Engineer.

The main challenge is to keep trainees focussed on the training as it is taking place beside their routine work activities. Quarterly contact sessions were added to the course to increase student engagement. In addition, test questions must be submitted on a monthly basis, followed-up by an online one-to-one meeting with the instructor. This provides an opportunity for the trainees to ask questions and for the instructor to get an idea of how well the course is being followed.

Goal: Knowledge transfer to candidates
Challenge: Keeping the focus of the students – who have a full-time job – on the study for Well Engineering.
Solution: Four training sessions over the year to monitor and prevent trainees from dropping out, plus monthly homework checks and coaching sessions.

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