About us

We believe that “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” – WILLIAM A. FOSTER

Well Engineering Partners (WEP) is a company with a passion for well engineering, just like the name implies. Our passion for well engineering is in the nature of all our company staff and makes us the right partner for all sorts of well engineering projects. Our engineers have the mindset: no project is too difficult, it might be a challenge, but we come up with the right solution and deliver the plan as a true partner to our client. This mindset is what our clients truly appreciate.

Our experience in well engineering and drilling management is longstanding, this is proven by the fact that WEP is the leading well engineering and drilling management company in the Netherlands for geothermal wells and salt wells. WEP is not only operating in the Netherlands, our international staff (over 5 nationalities) worked around the globe and did several international operations especially in oil & gas projects.

We are pleased to help you to reach your downhole sources in the most optimized manner, whether it is salt, geothermal energy, oil or gas. Not only in a cost-effective and efficient manner but also safely with respect to human life and the environment, now and in the future. All operations fit our QHSE requirements as well as the Mining Regulations and other applicable legislation and internationally accepted standards (e.g. IADC, API, IWCF). We are able to fully support you to achieve your targets and we can manage the whole process to access your downhole sources during the lifecycle of the project: from applying for a License to the Delivery of the wells, from Well Design to a Drilling Program and from Project Execution to Well maintenance and abandonment.

Clients leverage our knowledge and techniques to make challenging wells simple, marginal projects economical and problematic operations trouble-free. Success comes from WEP’s back-to-basics approach that integrates engineering fundamentals with oil & gas industry risk management standards. The results speak for themselves with lower drilling costs, fewer problems, more production sooner and an up-skilled workforce with ever-increasing confidence, desire and ability to design and deliver challenging wells.

WEP offers you all services under one roof to get the best-producing wells at optimised cost per unit energy. We are happy to hear from you to understand your well related problems, assess the situation and challenges, and clarify your expectations, so we can guarantee the best help and support you and your business deserve.


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