Events 2018

We were attended to these previous events in 2018:

6 December 2018, Utrecht (The Netherlands)

Themabijeenkomst BodemenergieNL [Dutch]

Visit the Themabijeenkomst BodemenergieNL website

29 November 2018, Delft (The Netherlands)

3rd Geothermal Get-Together at TU Delft November 29th

Visit the 3rd Geothermal Get-Together website

27 November 2018, Zwolle (The Netherlands)

Seminar Warmtenetten Natuurlijk Groen [Dutch]

A seminar about sustainable heat networks.

Visit the Seminar Warmtenetten website

21-22 November 2018, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Global Geothermal Energy Summit 2018

WEP gave a presentation about Geothermal Drilling Campaigns the Key to Reduce Cost and Risk

Visit the Global Geothermal Energy Summit 2018 website

15 November 2018, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

Platformbijeenkomst: ‘Innovatie in de geothermie. Welke kant moet en gaat het op?’ [Dutch]

14 November 2018, Mol (Belgium)

VITO Symposium: Deep Geothermal Energy

Visit the VITO Symposium: Deep geothermal energy website

8 November 2018, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

System Integration: Gas meets Geothermal

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23 – 26 September 2018, Belfast (Northern Ireland)

Fall 2018 SMRI Conference

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20 September 2018, Vlaardingen (The Netherlands)

1st National Geothermal Seminar (1e Nationale Geothermie Seminar) [In Dutch]

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19 September 2018, Enschede (The Netherlands)

Symposium Energy from the Earth (Energie uit de Bodem) [In Dutch]

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11-12 September 2018, Celle (Germany)

Celle Drilling 2018 – The Way Ahead – International Conference and Exhibition for Advanced Drilling Technology

WEP will give a presentation about the Enhanced Casing Installation system…

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