Geothermal: Koekoekspolder Ijsselmuiden doublet delivery

Geothermal doublet KKP‐GT‐01 & KKP‐GT‐02 Start execution: April 29th 2011 End execution: July 22nd 2011 Result: Water flowrates of approx. 73 degrees Celsius Depth (AH): 2258m; 2202m Depth (TVD): 1975m; 1823m Project Summary Client:Greenhouse Geopower Doublet:Koekoekspolder, Ijsselmuiden Wells:KKP‐GT‐01 & KKP‐GT‐02 Start Execution:April 29th 2011 End Execution:July 22nd 2011 Target:Geothermal capacity for heating of 100 ha. […]

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