Enhanced Casing Installation Presented by WEP at Celle Drilling 2018

September 2018, Celle, Germany

The Celle Drilling 2018 event took place at 11-12 September with about 260 attendees with focus on technology development. On the 2nd day, Well Engineering Partners presented on behalf of Huisman Well Technology the presentation about New Technology: Step-Change in Rotary Steerable System (RSS) Technology enabled by Enhanced Casing Installation System.

The half-hour presentation was one of the best attended presentations of the conference and contained:

  • Why another Rotary Steerable System (RSS) is required?
  • The Technology of Enhanced Casing Installation (ECI)
  • How the combination of ECI with RSS works
  • Trial results
  • Benefits & opportunities
  • Conclusion

The event was a great success with new opportunities to support clients with this innovative downhole technology. The benefits of this technology are:

  • Full mechanical and simpler bearings than mud motor: more reliability & lower built cost
  • Continuous steering using the topdrive for smooth and accurate steering: automation
  • Point-the-bit and casing instead of formation used to provide steering force: more consistent directional performance

Unique applications made possible with this innovation are:

  • Open hole multilaterals with a cased-off main bore
  • Low cost & low tortuosity vertical well sections at reduced pump power and still be able to kick-off
  • Top sections of high angle wells

Would you like to get in contact with our delegate that presented at Celle and learn more about this new technology, please contact Geertjan van Og at geertjan.vanog@we-p.nl