Well Engineering Partners is a proud member of several consortia. We provide in these consortia specific well design and drilling engineering expertise to stimulate the energy and heat transition.  Besides the consortia listed below, we also support other consortia via consortium members who consult us for our expertise.


Drag reduction in geothermal & district heating systems to lower investment and operational costs. The goal of this project is to assess the techno-economic viability of DRA’s (Drag Reducing Agents) for geothermal multi-source district heating networks. The project investigates the technical and economic contribution of DRA’s to district heating networks and geothermal wells.

Visit the DRAGLOW official website

Dutch Geothermal Cluster

DGC is an independent non-profit organisation that supports and promotes the Dutch geothermal expertise globally. The members are experts in their own specialisms and realised dozens of geothermal heat and power projects in the Netherlands and abroad.

Visit the Dutch Geothermal Cluster official website [LinkedIn]

LEAN – Warmtebron Utrecht

The objective of the research project Lean is to investigate the possibilities of sustainable heat in the Dutch province Utrecht. The research question is: are we able to provide 3,000 households with sustainable heat by just one geothermal project?

Visit the Lean – Warmtebron Utrecht official website [DUTCH]