Geothermal: ACL Luttelgeest drilling triplet

Geothermal triplet LTG-GT-04 & LTG-GT-05 & LTG-GT-06

Start drilling: Mid april 2020
(Expected) End drilling: Ocotber 2020

Target: Aquifer in the Slochteren Sandstone formation

Depth (AH): approx. 2300m
Depth (TVD): approx. 1850m

Project Summary

Client:Aardwarmte Combinatie Luttelgeest (ACL) B.V.
Triplet:Luttelgeest / ACL Triplet
Wells:LTG-GT-04 & LTG-GT-05 & LTG-GT-06
Start drilling:Mid April 2020
(Expected) End drilling:October 2020
Target:Aquifer in the Slochteren Sandstone Formation
Result: The project is still in progress
Depths (AH):Approximately 2300m
Depths (TVD):Approximately 1850m
Role of WEP:Drilling Supervision, HSE and subsequent support (on-site and office based) during the well delivery phase
Challenges:Execution during COVID-19 “intelligent lockdown”, Unconventional sizes in production well
New Technology:Not applicable

Project Description

Drillmec HH300 (contracted via GERF, operated by D&S) has been rigged up in Q1 2020. Mid-April 2020 drilling operations of the first well commence. WEP has been contracted by ACL to provide supervisional support on the well deliveries (both on site and back-office) and testing of the wells. Expectations are high, nextdoor of the Hoogweg Aardwarmte project (also a triplet: LTG-GT-01, 02 & 03) which is producing/exploiting geothermal heat since 2018.