HSE and Risk Management

At WEP we are dedicated to integrating Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), risk mitigation, and social responsibility into everything we do, from design through to planning, from tendering to execution.

It is our vision to eliminate injuries, illnesses, and negative environmental impact, and we expect all of our employees, sub(contractors), and clients to actively commit.

Choices have consequences. Especially in our industry. As a well engineering services provider, we face choices every day with environmental, social and economic elements. Our decisions have a lasting and profound impact.

That’s why we choose to do everything well—always—to deliver value.

Our approach is central to our purpose—to engineer the best way to bring resources to the world. We are strongly committed to conducting business in a sustainable way over the long-term. It’s about building partnerships with the many stakeholders who share our ambition—to do everything well, always, to deliver value.

By definition, “Doing everything well, always, to deliver value” is our license to operate, and it takes top priority. This commitment begins with our responsibility to our stakeholders—employees, customers and the community. With our unwavering focus on safety, excellence in our operations and combating the long-term challenge of climate change, we are working every day to deliver outcomes that benefit society.

Are you looking for an expert in HSE and Risk Management for your well engineering & drilling project? WEP is your partner!

We are looking forward to discussing with you the opportunities and possibilities for your project.

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