Geothermal: Duurzaam Voorne geothermal doublet

Geothermal doublet TNT-GT-01 & TNT-GT-02

Start engineering: December 2018
(Expected) End execution: Q2 2020

Target: The Trias reservoir

Depth (AH): 2960m; 2790m
Depth (TVD): 2585m; 2480m

Project Summary

Client:Duurzaam Voorne Holding B.V.
Wells:TNT-GT-01 & TNT-GT-02
Start Engineering:December 2018
(Expected) End execution:Q2 2020
Target:The Trias reservoir
Result: The project is still in progress (drilling phase)
Depths (AH):TNT-GT-01: 2960m; TNT-GT-02: 2790m
Depths (TVD):TNT-GT-01: 2585m; TNT-GT-02: 2480m
Role of WEP:Well design, Procurement, Drilling Program, HSE documents, Drilling Management and Support
Challenges:New type of well design
New Technology:Use of corrosion resistant materials to ensure life time of the wells.

Project Description

To cope with corrosion issues without injection of corrosion inhibitor WEP has made a detailed well design making use of corrosion-resistant materials. WEP assisted in the procurement of well materials and tendering for services. Drilling of the two geothermal wells in Tinte has been started in March 2020 using the DrillTec Vario Rig. WEP has made the drilling program and delivers drilling management services and support during the drilling phase.

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