Green Deal for Ultra Deep Geothermal Energy

Green Deal UDG

June 2017, Utrecht / The Hague, Netherlands

The Green Deal for Ultra Deep Geothermal energy (UDG) has been signed. In this Green Deal, several Dutch organizations (such as EZ, EBN, and TNO) and companies agreed to share their strengths and knowledge in the research to the use of ultra-deep geothermal energy in the process industry.

WEP was the initiator of the UDG Schiedam project as early as November 2015 and was involved in the creation of the deal just from the start. It will be no surprise that WEP is responsible for well engineering in the UDG Schiedam project.

In the Green Deal the exploration for seven projects will be researched:

  • UDG Heerenveen
  • UDG Leeuwarden
  • UDG Goud
  • UDG Renkum
  • UDG Geothermie Oost Brabant
  • UDG Schiedam
  • UDG Haven Rotterdam

For all these projects the ambition is to start and develop a UDG project. WEP participates in a consortium (with Huisman, Hydreco and Eneco) in the UDG Schiedam project. The Green Deal UDG was signed on behalf of WEP by Dick Swart.

Full partner list of the Green Deal UDG:
Rijksoverheid Ministerie van Economische Zaken, Rijksoverheid Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu, EBN, TNO, Alliander, eKwadraat, WEP, Parenco, Vito, Hydreco, BOM, Port of Rotterdam, ECW, Huisman, Vermillion, Eneco, Friesland Campina, NAM, ennatuurlijk, GOUD

More information (in Dutch) can be read in the official press release (by EBN, 19th June 2017):

Press release (Dutch) “Green Deal Ultradiepe Geothermie ondertekend”

More information about the UDG Schiedam project:

Summary UDG Schiedam project (in English)

Samenvatting UDG Schiedam project (in Dutch)