Geothermal: Ennatuurlijk Aardwarmte Doublet Delivery Middenmeer

MDM-GT-08 & MDM-GT-09

Start Drilling: December 2022
End execution:April 2023

Objective: Well delivery, new doublet

Depth (MD):2594m (GT-09) + 2769m (GT-08)
Depth (TVD): 2509m (GT-09) + 2548m (GT-08)

Client: Ennatuurlijk Aardwarmte
Location: Middenmeer
Well: MDM-GT-08 & MDM-GT-09
Start Drilling: 18-12-2022
End Execution: 17-04-2023
Objective: Well delivery, new doublet
Depths (MD): 2594m (GT-09) + 2769m (GT-08)
Depths (TVD): 2509m (GT-09) + 2548m (GT-08)
Role of WEP: The design of the wells, technical support in the procurement phase, writing the batch drilling program and HSE documents. During the drilling phase, WEP provided engineering and site support. To close out the project WEP will organize an AAR and write an EOWR.
Challenges: Losses in the Z2 Carbonate, packer setting
New technology used in this project: Batch drilling to optimise logistics, Installed GRE lined tieback with GRE lined crossover in the production well, installed coated tieback in the injection well.

Project Description

The ECW-WEP project team have drilled a new geothermal doublet in cooperation with the DrillTec Variorig VDD370.2 and it’s dedicated rig team. The doublet consists of one injection well; MDM-GT-09 and one production well; MDM-GT-08. Both are drilled to the target formation: Slochteren sandstone. The wells are J-shaped with a maximum inclination of 32 degrees in MDM-GT-08 and 20 degrees in MDM-GT-09. Both wells are currently suspended until surface facilities are built. It is expected that the doublet will be put in production in the spring of 2024.

Drone view MDM-GT-08 & MDM-GT-09 location