Oil&Gas: Thru-Tubing Abandonment NAM Wells

Thru-Tubing Abandonment (TTA)

Start Engineering: 2022
End execution:2025

Objective: P&A of multiple wells

Client: Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij B.V.
Location: Multiple
Wells: Multiple
Start Engineering: October 2022
End Execution: 2025
Objective: Thru-Tubing Abandonment (TTA), abandonment on a wire, of onshore NAM wells
Role of WEP: Front End Design Well Engineering services, concept and detailed design
Challenges: Data mining of wells drilled decades ago, determination of annular cement assurance / integrity, archetyping, execution speed

Project Description

NAM has contracted WEP to support its Thru-Tubing Abandonment (TTA) campaign to be executed for their onshore well portfolio, set out for 2023-2025. The wells portfolio is broken down into clusters. Per cluster, the first step is the concept design phase, consisting of data mining and ultimately qualifying wells to be feasible for TTA abandonment. In the detailed design phase, worked towards execution programs, vendor engagements.

Read more about the P&A project on the website of the NAM: Opruimen locaties Groningen | NAM (link)

FLTR: Kjeld Ebbendorf (WEP), Robert Jan Potze (NAM), Toni Gospodnetic (WEP).