Salt: Nedmag VE5 and VE7 Salt Well Delivery

Salt well VE-5 and VE-7 delivery 2022

Start Engineering: 2016
End execution:September 2022

Objective: Delivery of two salt wells

Depth (MD): VE-5 2720m VE-7 2575m
Depth (TVD): VE-5 1823m VE-7 1990m

Client: Nedmag B.V.
Location: WHC-1/Borgercompagnie
Well: VE-5 and VE-7
Start Engineering: 2016
End Execution: September 2022
Objective: Drill two wells from Nedmag’s WHC-1 location into the Zechstein III.
Depths (MD): 2720m (VE-5), 2575m (VE-7)
Depths (TVD): 1823m (VE-5), 1990m (VE-7)
Role of WEP: Project management, well engineering, procurement support, planning , work program and HSE documents. Drilling supervision support onsite and drilling management/engineering from the office.
Challenges: Drilling large bore S-shape trajectory. Shallow kick off. High inclination. Well being vertical at target.

Project Description

The objective of this project was to drill two wells from Nedmag’s WHC-1 location into the Zechstein III. The wells were planned to be drilled in four stages and to have a concentric completion with a 26” stove pipe, 20”, 16” and 10 3/4” x 9 5/8” casing, a 7” injection string, a 5” x 3 1/2” production string and a 2 7/8” dilution string. In both wells in total 7 core runs were made. The objective was achieved succesfully.

Both wells were drilled with KCA Deutag’s T-700 rig, which has a fully automated pipe handling system. The rig hydraulically skidded 18 m between the two wells.


KCA Deutag T-700 rig at Borgercompagnie