New Technology

Many of the new technology products are unique in the industry, and all are widely recognized for their simplicity, ingenuity, and effectiveness to ensure that customers reach their objectives quickly and cost-effectively.

We listen and learn from our customers and develop products better suited for their specific applications. Our process begins and ends with research and development. We often enlist customers to participate in our research process. Their involvement ensures that once the new product comes to market, it is fit-for-purpose, fully attuned to customer needs. WEP develops innovative ways and new technologies ( e.g. composite casing; enhanced casing installation; managed pressure drilling systems; pump out reamer shoe into a pressurized salt cavern; Pack-Off Sub (POS) for the cable of an electric submersible pump has been developed to efficiently and safely test geothermal wells; A special launch sub was built to be able to install casing while drilling under pressurized conditions; injection pressure control valve to maintain a constant water level and a constant pressure to avoid corrosion or blockage of debris; and finite element model for casing running buckling analysis for extended reach drilling application).

Are you looking for an expert in New Technology for your well engineering & drilling project? WEP is your partner!

We are looking forward to discussing with you the opportunities and possibilities for your project.

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