ECI and HSCC was presented at ATCE Amsterdam

November 2014, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

WEP subsidiaries Acquit and HWT proudly presented the Enhanced Casing Installation (ECI), and High Strength Composite Casing (HSCC) at the ATCE in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, last October. ATCE is the annual technical conference and exhibition of the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

ECI is an innovative retrievable casing installation system that allows directional drilling and installing casing simultaneously while keeping the freedom to change BHA components whenever required or to add a mud motor for performance with a minimum of pipe handling.

HSCC is High Strength Composite Casing specifically designed and built for use in deep well applications. HSCC with its glued and slender coupling can be handled with standard rig equipment and easily fits in a regular steel string thanks to its steel to composite cross-overs.

On the photo, you can see an ECI assembly and a composite HSCC coupling in the foreground.