Geothermal: Trias Westland second geothermal doublet

Engineering and drilling new geothermal doublet NLW-GT-03-S1 and NLW-GT-04

Start engineering: October 2018
End drilling: August 2020

Objective: Realise second geothermal doublet for Trias Westland.

Depth (MD): 2600m; 3015m
Depth (TVD): 2494m; 2401m

Project Summary

Client:Trias Westland B.V.
Wells:NLW-GT-03-S1 and NLW-GT-04
Start Engineering:October 2018
End Execution:August 2020
Project Objective:Realise second geothermal doublet for Trias Westland.
Power (thermal):15 MWTh
Depths (MD):NLW-GT-03-S1: 2600m; NLW-GT-04: 3015m
Depths (TVD):NLW-GT-03-S1: 2494m; NLW-GT-04: 2401m
Role of WEP:For this project, Well Engineering Partners is (partially) responsible for making the well designs, drilling programmes, and drilling engineering support.
New Technology:GRE-lined casing.

Project Description

WEP prepared the detailed well design making use of corrosion-resistant materials. Together with partners Veegeo, HVC and Hydreco Geomec research was done in the use of GRE-lined tubulars. This study resulted in the fact that GRE-lined casing is being implemented in the well design as cemented production casing to prevent corrosion without the need for corrosion inhibitors. The wells have a 2 string design with a sealed annulus that can be monitored for well integrity. Access to the reservoir is created by means of perforating. WEP prepared the drilling programs and HSE documents. Drilling engineering support is provided during the drilling phase.

Drilling of the first well (NLW-GT-04) started on June 11th and ended upon completion of NLW-GT-03-S1 on August 29th. Due to hole problems in NLW-GT-03 a sidetrack had to be drilled. Both wells are finally successfully drilled.

Source images: René Kooger – Rig Logistics Supervisor