Geothermal: Trias Westland geothermal doublet

Engineering and drilling new geothermal well(s) NLW-GT-03 and NLW-GT-04

Publication date: March 2019

Target: A new geothermal doublet in Delft Sandstone

Depth (AH):2540m; 2950m
Depth (TVD): 2426m; 2351m

Project Summary

Client:Trias Westland B.V.
Wells:NLW-GT-03 and NLW-GT-04
Target:Delft Sandstone, a new geothermal doublet
Depths (AH):NLW-GT-03: 2540m; NLW-GT-04: 2950 m
Depths (TVD):NLW-GT-03: 2426m; NLW-GT-04: 2351m
Role of WEP:For this project, Well Engineering Partners is responsible for the project engineering.
Challenges:Well design made of corrosion resistant material.

Project Description

The Detailed Well Design is finished. Tendering for long lead material has been started. Tendering for services will follow. Start drilling is planned in Q1 2020.