Salt: Nedmag TR-7 workover 2020

Salt well TR-7 workover

Start Engineering: November 2018
End execution: November 2020

Objective: Re-complete well

Depth (MD): 1726m
Depth (TVD): 1480m

Project Summary

Client: Nedmag BV
Location: WHC-2 / Tripscompagnie
Wells: TR-7
Start Engineering: November 2018
End Execution: November 2020
Objective: Re-complete well
Depths (MD): 1726m
Depths (TVD): 1480m
Role of WEP: Engineering and planning support on program and HSE documents. Operational support onsite and back-office
Challenges: Removal of a dual completion without identification of the complete status of the well. Plan was to recomplete the well with a dual completion, in snubbing mode, however during the drift run it was found that the well could not be re-completed.
New technology: Use of an floating mud cap, inverted fluid column (high weight mud on brine), to remove WH items.

Project Description

The initial objective of this workover was to recomplete the well as a simultaneous injection and production well. This would be achieved by retrieving the current dual completion strings, drilling in a new 4-½” x 3-½” production string and a 2-⅞” gypsum injection string in a dual completion configuration.

Due to unforeseen circumstances regarding the condition of the 9 ⅝”, the objective of recompleting the well could not be achieved.

TR-7 was drilled in 1991 and completed with a dual completion, 2x 3 ½” tubing inside a 9 5/8” casing. The snubbing operation was performed in July 2020 and lasted for 39days. The removal of the 3 ½” dual completion went as per plan. However on the mill run, to mill out the remaining tubings in the bottom of the casing an obstruction for the 8 ½”mill above the tubings was found inside the casing. After wireline evaluations the operations were suspended to evaluate the future use of the well.