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We make sure we understand your challenges—technical, economical, and time-related, so we can effectively transform your ideas for a new well or burden of well intervention into a sustainable well connected to the earth’s resources. WEP maintains alliances and close relationships with leading rig contractors and specialist companies so we can further push the technical boundaries of traditional well engineering and intervention and plug & abandonment processes—and deliver greater value through integrated operations that maximize efficiency and leverage the right services and technologies. See below for more services offered by WEP:

New Technology

Many of the new technology products are unique in the industry, and all are widely recognized for their simplicity, ingenuity, and effectiveness to ensure that customers reach their objectives quickly and cost-effectively.

Subsurface services

Thanks to our integrated geological and petrophysical evaluation approach, we can provide optimum solutions for you. Our operational geologist experience ranges from re-evaluating of historic data to evaluating cuttings while drilling and determine casing shoe depth.

Rock mechanic investigations serve to prove the stability and tightness of the cavern during its entire life cycle. This is done through complex rock mechanical calculations and simulations, coupled with thermodynamics make it possible to model even complex salt solution cavern scenarios and optimise operations. The long-term behaviour of the cavern with regard to subsidence and its possible effects on the surface can also be shown.

Well Examination

Well examination applies to the life cycle of each well, from its concept design to well construction, into the production operations phase, as part of a technical due diligence assessment, and eventually to well decommissioning and abandonment. WEP provides an independent assessment to verify that wells are being designed, constructed, operated, suspended and abandoned in accordance with the oil & gas industry standards and in compliance with national regulations.

Tendering, Well Cost Control, and Logistics

As an independent consultancy group WEP uses it well and drilling engineering expertise in specifying and selecting the best performing drilling rig, well material, and third party services for your well. We guarantee top quality in the (sub)contractor and material selection with our excellent knowledge of what’s available on the market combined with our technical in-depth know-how, insights, and experiences. In this process we strive to maximum transparency and have the option to optimize this process by short-listing according to a preferred vendor list.

Well Delivery Process and Management Systems

The Well Delivery Process and Well Management System are proven methods to deliver wells, improve value and performance while reducing cost.

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